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The Boto Company target is to have 100 Supermarkets in Iraq in 3 years period

2019 Supermarket Business Development

The Company opened two Supermarkets in Erbil city in 2018 to be able to establish, exercise, operate and develop the control systems of the business.
Our plan is to expand to five shops in Erbil in 2019.Initially, we have opened one Meat Market and two Supermarkets in Baghdad by the 1 st Quarter of 2019. Additional three more shops will be operational by the 2nd Quarter and the number of the supermarkets will be six by the first half of 2019. The purpose of opening a Meat Market is to prepare our own meat fort he sales of the supermarkets. The meat market either supply best quality meat to the supermarkets as well sell to the consumer directly from the shop. An exclusive location for our meat market is being selected at a high social level area, Yermouk. The concept of our supermarkets for 2019 is 300-600 m2 sizes and the locations are neatly selected by a special Research team for best availability and consumer needs.

Baghdad supermarkets locations
◆Yermouk area – Meat Market
◆Hayul Jamia area
◆Hayul Huseyin area
◆Seyidiye area
◆Al Ghazaliye area
◆Filistin area
Erbil Supermarkets locations
◆On 40m Street